[Example Sentences]:
1. His bear case calls for the stock to fall to as low as $8.
2. The market where the attack occurred Friday may one day bear a similar plaque.
3. I had to bear some of the responsibility for having taken this risk.
4. He could not bear to be near his home, he said.
5. It will be three years before the new trees are mature enough to bear fruit.
6. We know the bear was hit because we found blood, he said.
7. If the first of the two files does not bear fruit, try the other.
8. I cannot bear the tear gas and go home to stay with my kids.
9. The bear backed off and soon walked away, but minutes later it came back.
10. If a bear is trapped, wildlife officials would have to hold it until then.
11. Nobody has time to bear the burden of a dead application.
12. Telstra said rights holders should bear the costs of the system.
13. Now he can hardly bear to wear it at all.
14. A violation of this area would strengthen the bear case.
15. A slew of results next week may bear that out.

[Antonyms]drop, drag, release

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