[Definition]: not clear

[Example Phrases]:
• the ambiguous nature
• ambiguous and confused manner
• ambiguous actuation points
• ambiguous policies
• pursue less ambiguous policies
• ambiguous notifications
• ambiguous statement
• deliberately ambiguous about this topics
• its ambiguous wording
• an ambiguous interim agreement

[Synonym]: obscure;dubious

[Antonym]: explicit;clear

[Example Sentences]:
1. When it comes to the brain, the results are more ambiguous
2. Digital medicine is a burgeoning yet ambiguous category of the healthcare ecosystem
3. After more than seven weeks of fighting, the two sides settled for an ambiguous interim agreement in exchange for a period of calm
4. This is particularly challenging in cases where classification of premises types is ambiguous, or where premises with multiple blocks are sharing the same address
5. Now that Google is no longer a direct competitor, Samsung can pursue less ambiguous policies around its apps, its interfaces and its alternative operating system
6. As for the effects of the Thatcher phenomenon upon British society, these were both more ambiguous and more debatable
7. A ghostly figure speaks to her in short, ambiguous sentences © 2019  Terms of Use | Home