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HTML Tags is a block of code with special meanings, usually starts with an opening tag, and end with a corresponding closing tag. A tag can have multiple non-duplicated attributes inside the opening tag, such as type, disabled, name, href, rel etc.

• Void Tags do no need a closing tag, and therefore it do not have content. This kind of tags include:
areaArea in an image map
commandCommand button, new in HTML5
imgImage resource
metaMeta data, such as keyword, description in the header
baseDefines the base path for all relative URLs of the web page
embedContainer for an external application, new in HTML5
inputInput Contral, such as button, text box etc
paramParameter of an object
brBreak a line
hrDraw a horizontal line
linkLink an external resource such as CSS file to the web page
sourceMultiple media resources for media elements, new in HTML5
colDefine column properties of <colgroup> element
A terminating slash is required in HTML version < 5, for example, <meta name="keywords" content="HTML, Tags" />.

• Complete List of HTML Tags:
<!DOCTYPE> <A> <abbr> <acronym>*
<address> <applet>* <article>(HTML5) <aside>(HTML5)
<audio>(HTML5) <b> <base /> <basefont*>
<bdi>(HTML5) <bdo> <big>* <blockquote>
<body> <br> <button> <canvas>(HTML5)
<caption> <center>* <cite> <code>
<colgroup> <datalist>(HTML5) <dd> <del>
<details>(HTML5) <dfn> <dialog> <dir>*
<div> <dl> <dt> <em>
<embed>(HTML5) <fieldset> <figcaption>(HTML5) <figure>(HTML5)
<font>* <footer>(HTML5) <form> <frame>*
<frameset>* <h1-6> <head> <header>(HTML5)
<hgroup>(HTML5) <html> <i> <iframe>
<ins> <kbd> <keygen>(HTML5) <label>
<legend> <li> <map> <mark>(HTML5)
<menu> <meter>(HTML5) <nav>(HTML5) <noframes>*
<noscript> <object> <ol> <optgroup>
<option> <output>(HTML5) <p> <pre>
<pregress>(HTML5) <g> <rp>(HTML5) <rt>(HTML5)
<ruby>(HTML5) <s> <samp> <script>
<section>(HTML5) <select> <small> <source>(HTML5)
<span> <strike>* <strong> <style>
<sub> <summary>(HTML5) <sup> <table>
<tbody> <td> <textarea> <tfoot>
<thead> <time>(HTML5) <title> <tr>
<track>(HTML5) <tt>* <u> <ul>
<var> <video>(HTML5) <wbr>(HTML5)
*: deprecated in HTML5