» President Obama leaves legacy of wider racial rift. (2017-01-17, Washington Times).
» President Obama foreign policy widely seen as failure. (2017-01-16, Washington Times).
» President Obama Tours Laotian Rehab Center. (2016-09-07, USA Today).
» President Obama s historic visit to Cuba. (2016-06-02, USA Today).
» Butler: The urban myth of President Obama. (2016-05-08, Mercury News).
» President Obama peddles trade to skeptical Europeans. (2016-04-25, Washington Times).
» President Obama knows how to bust a move. (2016-03-24, Washington Post).
» Cuba waiting for President Obama. (2016-03-20, USA Today).
» Watch President Obama speak at SXSW. (2016-03-12, MacWorld).

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