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Change of Address in US

If you change your address in US, you need to inform the insurance agency, postal office, DMV etc so that your related documents can be changed properly. Here is a list:

• USPS: Can be changed online with $1 fee. If you go to post office, it's free. After changing the address, mails to the old address will be forwarded to your new address in followed 1 year period.

• Driver's License. If you are moving out of state, you may need a new car inspection of the new state, renew car insurance to the new state, and then apply for a new plate and license.

• Insurances: including car insurance, health insurance, retirement etc. If you are moving out of the state, you may need to check with your agent to renew your car insurance, because the car insurance policy of different state is different.

• AAA: Call the toll free telephone number listed on your AAA membership card, or call 1-866-MEMBERS(6362377). You may also go to the AAA office of the new region you are moving to.

• Bank Accounts.

• Stock Account if any.

• Employer.

• Social Security.

• IRS, if you need a tax refund.

• USCIS: if you are not a US citizen.

• Voter Registration: US citizens only.

• Online shopping websites and social media if you are registered.